Technical notes about OctoberCMS a Laravel CMS by inetis team, a Swiss webagency

Recent OctoberCMS technical notes

One thing that doesn't look very "pro" with the Responsiv CampaignManager plugin are the ugly "verification" and "unsubscribe" confirmation pages. Fortunately there is a way to change them.

In a perfect world, all your clients will be on great host and on VPS server. But we had to deal also with crappy host that only provide fake cron job. They call a public https/http url every X min

How to redirect http to https for an apache server with .htaccess

If you are building a onepage template with octoberCMS, it is a good idea to manage blocks with the Page plugin. But how can you render them on the final page without losing snippet functionality ?

OctoberCMS provide a great way to manage thumbnails.